Revealing my DIY Kitchen

Revealing my DIY Kitchen

Well, it’s official, my DIY Kitchen is finally complete! What was once a weird layout, without much storage, and not quite my style is now functional and beautiful! Every corner of this kitchen got an upgrade, and it was 100% DIY. Wonder how much it cost me? Keep reading to find out!

[A Reminder of the Before]


Phase 1 of the DIY Kitchen: New Cabinets

Still one of the biggest impacts of this kitchen was building new cabinets on what was once a basically blank wall! Our old refrigerator went, so buying a new one was basically the catalyst for this makeover! I just knew that there could be more form and function to this wall, and then it occurred to me. We need new cabinets!

But, the space was really quirky and there were a lot of obstacles to work around. Really the only way to get around them was to order custom size cabinets ($$$$$), or build my own. I’d never built cabinets before, but I figured, why not!? Let’s give it a try.

Not only did I learn how to build cabinets, but I also built doors, drawers, and a small countertop too!

Full recap:

Phase 2: Upgrading the Existing Cabinets

Once the new cabinets were complete, it was very obvious that my existing cabinets also needed a facelift! I decided to keep the original boxes and structure, but basically get rid of everything else!

I started with the upper cabinets and replaced the shelves, redistributing them so I had an extra shelf! I gained so much additional storage space by doing this. Then, I also replaced the doors, and it was such a quick but significant impact.

Now, I absolutely hate lower cabinets. Things get lost in them, and they are just organizational nightmares in my opinion. So, I decided to add drawers instead! I had to add a few supports along the way to attach the drawer slides too, but this was also pretty straightforward and I wouldn’t change it for anything!


Full recap:

Phase 3: Making it Beautiful!

OK, so now my kitchen is much more functional, but it wasn’t exactly my style. I waited a full year before I got to this phase, and honestly, I’m so glad I did. From new paint, floors, and trim, to an epoxy countertop and backsplash, plus a couple of small builds, this kitchen really shines now and I absolutely love it.

I also added a couple of DIY accessories, like a mail holder, an organizer, a DIY picture frame, and a shelf with faux brass rails.

There was so much intention and sweat put into this project, that when I stand back I’m still in awe that I can say “I did that”. 

Full recap:

How much did my DIY Kitchen cost?

A quick Google search just told me an average kitchen renovation costs between $12-35k. Well, this came nowhere close to that. Would you believe me if I told you it came in right around $5k?!

    • Phase 1: New Cabinets = $1427
    • Phase 2: Old Cabinets = $643
    • Phase 3: Design = $2957
      • Paint = $138
      • Floors = $777
      • Trim = $441
      • Counters + Backsplash = $496
      • Builds = $36
      • Accessories (Faucet, Lights, Mirror, Door Knobs, etc.) = $1069
  • Total: $5027

So, how did I save money? I searched for the best price on EVERYTHING, my counters and backsplash were obviously a huge cost-saving, I used scrap wood for most of my later projects, and I was intentional and thoughtful for the items I purchased. 

I’m so happy to put a stamp on this project and start looking forward to my new projects for the new year. First, we’re going to focus on the holidays and getting the house ready for that, then I have 4 spaces I want to makeover in 2023. Are you ready? Because I sure am!

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