Building a Console Table from Scrap Wood

Building a Console Table from Scrap Wood

For the last build of my kitchen, I really wanted to make it as affordable as possible, so I used mostly scrap wood! I did need to buy one piece of 5/4” pine for the top, but otherwise I used all scraps for this DIY console table. It did look a bit Frankenstein-ish for a while, but it all came together and I love it!

The Plan for the DIY Console Table

Where’s the DIY console table going? In this little nook opposite my coffee bar. I bought this kitchen cart years ago thinking I would use it as an additional countertop when I’m cooking. I never have and it’s become a junk collector throughout this project!

It will be the perfect space to put our cats’ dishes, and hold some of their things like canned foods, treats and one of their harnesses. (yes, one of our cats has a harness because he now loves going outside, but he’s not an outdoor cat, so this is how we compromised with him).

Building the Legs

The first step was to build out the legs. I used 2x4s as the main structure and built two boxes! 

They weren’t quite as thick as I wanted, so I also beefed them up by adding scrap ¾” thick wood around them. Yes, they look absolutely crazy!

But, that’s ok, because everything got covered in hardboard. I love using hardboard for painted projects because it’s SO smooth and really affordable.

So, then I had two rectangles that would serve as the legs! I secured them with a piece of ¾” plywood along the back, which was then also secured into the wall.

Trimming it Out

First, I ripped down some ¼” plywood and MDF (I had some of each!) into 2.5” strips. Then I cut them down to create boxes. This tied in the trim I used on the outside of my cabinets, but it wasn’t an exact match!

That’s because I also had some scrap picture moulding from my accent wall that I wanted to also add! I decided to wrap each leg to give it just an added touch, and I’m glad I did. It’s really all in the details!

Finally, I trimmed out the bottom with baseboards and stop moulding. If you remember, I like to use this combination of PVC baseboard and stop moulding throughout so this was an easy decision to tie that all in. I raise the baseboard up a little bit to make them appear bulkier, then add a couple of scraps underneath so that the stop moulding has something to attach when I nail it in.


DIY Console Tabletop

I DIY’d the top for my coffee station cabinet, so I decided it only made sense for them to match. I used one 8’ piece of  5/4” pine that I cut in half and then secured together. To secure them, I used pocket holes underneath and wood glue.

Of course, I also matched the routed edge! It’s a quick (but messy) task that I always am glad I did.

Finally, it was time to stain. I couldn’t remember what stain combination I used for the coffee bar, and like a dummy, I didn’t test it beforehand. Of course, the combination was wrong! That meant I had to sand it all back and re-stain. But, it all worked out. I gave it 3 coats of water-based polyurethane to protect it and just make it really smooth!

A Decorative Front & a Shelf

Again, why not add a little detail!? I used a scrap piece of 1×4 MDF and used a jigsaw to cut a little arch to create a decorative front.

To attach it, I added a support piece to the front, which allowed me to nail this into it. Added bonus, it supported the top too!

And finally, I decided to add a shelf to store some of our cat things. I used a piece of ¾” plywood cut and ripped to size. I added small pieces of plywood as supports to each leg so that the shelf could fit on it.

Then, I just added a 1×2 to the front to cover the raw edge of the plywood and make the shelf appear thicker.

It All Comes Together!

It was definitely starting to look like…something? But not there yet. This is why the detail work is so important. Honestly, I’m usually not a huge fan of this step because I’m usually just ready to be done, but this is where it all comes together!

I caulked and wood-filled, then used two coats of primer. The darkness of the hardboard and the varying wood types definitely required the two coats for an even finish.

Then, it also took three coats of paint. I used the same paint as my cabinets so that everything was tied together.

Finally, I decorated it by adding this gorgeous (and affordable!) mirror. I love how the thin black metal also matches the light fixtures! I also added these candle holders, and battery-operated candles, which I love. They create such a cozy ambiance and I don’t have to worry about them tipping over. And lastly, a couple of small vases and that’s a wrap!


What do you think!? I’m so happy this kitchen is so close to being done. I have a couple more small projects I need to wrap up, and then I’ll finish decorating and this kitchen will be COMPLETE!

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