Let’s Decorate for Fall

Let’s Decorate for Fall

Hi. My name is Britt. And I’m a Basic B. Does that mean I love fall? You betcha! 🙂

I live in Buffalo, NY, and grew up in the beautiful Finger Lakes region. Both have incredible fall foliage near me. When I lived in Florida for 3 years, I was really sad when I would miss out on this beautiful time of year. If we ever left Buffalo, having a place that has foliage would be really important.

Do you live somewhere that has a great peak foliage season? Leave a comment and tell me where!

Let’s talk about Fall Decor. There are so many wonderful ways to go here. You can play up the beautiful amber colors or maybe go with a more romantic white pumpkin look. Maybe you have young children and you try to focus more on fun Halloween stuff, or maybe you go downright spooky! I’d love to see how you decorate!


My front porch

I go pretty simple here, with the traditional pumpkins and mums. I usually gravitate towards the purple and white mums, with orange pumpkins. I love the look of the more muted green or white pumpkins too, but I haven’t made that leap yet. Maybe next year?!

This year, I decided to also add some black lanterns, which I absolutely love! These were leftover from my wedding and have been sitting in storage for years, so I’m so glad that I remembered them this year. Maybe next year I’ll add some solar lights to them so they light up. What do you think?

I also love how this wreath goes really well with my hydrangea bush out front. The colors aren’t the traditional fall colors, but I think the muted colors go really well and bring in a bit of a romantic look.

Once Halloween gets closer, I like to put out a couple of little small pieces I have. Just to make it a little fun, but I usually wait until about 2 weeks beforehand. Our neighborhood goes absolutely crazy with trick or treaters and we absolutely love it! We usually buy around 600 pieces of candy, and we’ve run out several times before the 2 hours are up! 


Fall Interior Decor

I’ve had the same fall decorations for a few years now. I decided I wanted to go more pretty with soft moody tones. I do really love it still, but I have a feeling this may be the last year that I decorate with these items for a while. I’m feeling something new, but we’ll see what happens when next year rolls around! 

Do you like it better with the garland or without? This year I decided to go without since I wanted a more understated look.

Just like with my front porch, I also like to throw in some small Halloween-inspired decor. They are just simple nods to the holiday for now. Maybe when I have kids I’ll go a little more all out and have fun with it!

Mood Boards

Since I’ve been thinking of changing up my decor for future years, I’ve been casually brainstorming some directions I’d like to go with. I’m really into the warm ambers and blues, as well as the natural wheat look. I also think both of these looks would blend very well with the rest of my home to create a seamless look. 

Option 1:

{ Woven pumpkin | Light woven pumpkin | Wreath | Squirrel figurine | Ceramic white vase with wheat | Stoneware vase | Plaid pillow | Wheat vase | Wheat stems | Fabric pumpkin | Pumpkin pillow| Acorn canister  }

Option 2:

{ Orange pillow | Navy pillow | Orange pumpkin | Orange pumpkin with tassel | Wreath | Amber vase | Candle | Blue pumpkin | Wheat vase with arrangement }


Which do you like best? Leave a comment below!


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