Attic Closet Renovation Part 7: The Final Reveal

Attic Closet Renovation Part 7: The Final Reveal

I still can’t believe that I’m at this point where I can finally say my DIY attic closet is done! There were several nights of sanding, mudding, and painting where it didn’t feel like there was an end in sight! But, like with everything, there always is.

In this post, I’m going to talk about how I decided on the final look, how much it all cost, and provide as many links as I can find!

Closet Renovation Recap:

Designing the Closet & Mood Boards

Remember when I decided to switch things up and repaint the new closet, less than a year after originally painting it? Well, hopefully, this mood board can give you some insight into how that process went in my head.

I use Canva to create all of my mood boards, and Pinterest to gather decor ideas. As you can see from my main inspiration photos, I was basically drawn to light and bright, some greenery, and some wood/natural tones. Ground-breaking, I know 😆.

Sources: Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3

So, when I started putting together the mood board, I could see clear as day that the grey wasn’t going to work! This is also the reason that I now always use mood boards. Before then, I was convinced that using grey would still be fine once I got everything in there. Now, if I had purchased these items and continued to decorate, would it have meant I’d have to start over? Absolutely not. But, it did allow me the time to let this sink in, and it gave me a clearer picture upfront. 

It’s just too dark, right? Once I started playing around with lighter colors, it all came together so much better and helped me make the final decision to switch things up. I did make some changes and didn’t get everything that I had planned on this mood board, but the overall look is still the same.

The Light Fixtures

For the light fixtures, I actually used remote control light bulbs! Have you ever heard of these? They’re a game-changer. The overhead light didn’t actually have a switch. When it was an attic, it was attached to a long string that you would pull. Obviously, I wanted to upgrade that situation. Adding a switch would’ve been relatively easy, but this was easier.

We also added two outlets on the knee wall, so I was able to add plug-in mounted lights, and now they’re all connected via this one remote. The main cord is clear, and I bought white extension cords and ran them along the baseboard so they’re pretty well hidden.

Budget Breakdown

Ah, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Did this DIY attic closet project actually save me any money? Well, let’s talk about that! If you remember from this post, I mentioned that we were quoted $5500+ to do the framing, electrical, and drywall. This didn’t include flooring, paint, trim, etc.

Note: some of these bullets might look a little funny, but in my personal records I have them sorted by shopping trip. So, when you see “knee wall lumber and electrical”, that’s what I bought on that trip, not necessarily that they go together!

Framing, Electrical & Drywall: $704.08

  • Rafter Vents: $21.21
  • Knee wall lumber, electrical: $66.63
  • Wood screws: $9.56
  • Framing lumber, insulation: $255.14
  • Drywall compound, electrical: $65.38
  • Drywall: $185.04
  • Screws, electrical box: $12.08
  • Insulation, rasp, drywall mixer: $54.44
  • Corner bead, sand paper, spray adhevise: $34.60

Paint: $186.91

  • Valspar gravity: $79.37
  • Primer & Behr Polar Bear: $107.54

Flooring: $325.95

  • Underlayment and flooring: $325.95

Trim: $272.28

  • Hidden door materials: $45.77
  • Molding and trim miscellaneous: $127.43
  • Caulk, nails: $13.97
  • Crown and door trim (version 2): $70.23
  • Crown (version 3): $14.88

Organization & Decor: $995.55

  • PAX frames, accessories: $671.85
  • Lighting: $152.30
  • Dresser paint & handles: $60.51
  • Closet brackets: $47.61
  • Closet shelves: 29.30
  • Baskets: $33.98

Grand total for my DIY attic closet: $2484.77

So, did I save money? You betcha! And if I didn’t have to re-do the paint and trim, I would’ve saved a little bit more. But, it was all part of the learning experience😉.

As proud as I am about the fact that I DIY’d this closet (and I’m very proud!), I’m also extremely proud of this. The fact that I was quoted $5500 to do something that ended up costing just over $700, then completed the entire project, including decor items for less than half of that original amount is part of what continues to motivate me to keep learning new skills. 

Product Links

Framing & Drywall

Rafter Vents | My favorite wood screws | Insulation | Drywall | Drywall screws | Drywall Bit | Rasp | Drywall tape | Joint compound mixer | Corner bead | Spray adhesive | Chalk line 


Valspar Gravity | BIN Primer | Behr Polar Bear | Dresser chalk paint


Flooring | Installation Kit | My favorite underlayment


Baseboard | Quarter Round | Original Crown Molding | New Crown Molding | Cove molding for door trim | Half round molding for door trim | Nail gun | Nail punch

Organization and Decor

PAX frames | PAX pull out shelves | PAX Glass shelves | PAX Glass front drawers | PAX jewelry organizer | PAX closet rod | Drawer organizers | Overhead light | Wall lights | Remote control lights | Dresser paint | Dresser handles Shelves | Rods | Brackets | Hangers | Baskets | Plant basket | Lemon Tree

Attic Closet Tour


Final Thoughts

This DIY attic closet project tested me in so many ways, and I came out of it feeling like I’ve gained so much! I learned a ton about home renovations and design, but also about patience, persistence, and what I can accomplish both on my own, and with some help. 

It also led me to the amazing blogging and Instagram community of DIY women. I’ve learned so much from them over the past two years, and I’m so excited that I decided to start this blog to hopefully give back and share some of my knowledge and experience. Hopefully, after watching my journey, you’re empowered enough to give something new a try! Who knows, maybe you’ll fall in love along the way.

So, what’s next? Well, I’ve completed several projects since my closet, and I’m excited to share them all with you. I also have a few projects that I’d like to tackle in 2022, so you’ll get some real-time updates as I work on them. Who’s ready to try, fail, and try again with me?

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