3 Steps to Upcycle a Fireplace Media Cabinet

3 Steps to Upcycle a Fireplace Media Cabinet

We’ve had this fireplace for quite a few years and we absolutely love using it, especially in those cold Buffalo winters. However, it just doesn’t fit the living room style at all anymore, and it’s seen better days! But, I really didn’t want to part ways with it because I knew it could have so much potential, and I didn’t want to see it go to a landfill. So, I decided to do a quick upcycle!

Step 1: Add Trim

As you can see, it was very modern and had lots of clean sharp lines. But, my style tends to be more transitional leaning traditional, and I absolutely love me some trim. It’s probably my favorite design element!

I’ve used tiny trim in the past and really wanted to try that here. So, I found a few different styles, and decided to layer those up top!

When I placed the two of these pieces on the flat surface, the top piece didn’t come out quite like I wanted, so I decided to also add a tiny piece of scrap behind it, so that it pushed it out, giving it the dimension I was looking for. Then the next piece fits perfectly underneath!

Then, I decided I wanted another piece around the lower frame too, so I used another type of tiny trim that looked good by itself.

And finally, I added the same trim I add to all of my baseboards, this stop molding. Yes, it’s technically meant for windows, but I absolutely love it in place of quarter-round! So, I added it to the base of the fireplace!

I know it may look a little crazy, but I was getting excited!

Step 2: Add Doors

I decided to add doors to the two sides here. We don’t really keep much in these, mostly because the size makes it hard to style, so I wanted to make it more functional, and I knew that would mean adding some doors!

I debated on going with traditional shaker-style doors or trying something different. Ultimately, I chose something different! I used some scrap ¾ plywood which I cut down to slightly smaller than the size of the opening. Then, I again used tiny trim to create some detail on the front! 

I installed it using these simple hinges, and that was it! I decided I didn’t want to add hardware to create a cleaner look, so the doors each stick out a little bit where they will open so that you can grab onto them. I like the simplicity this gives it!

Step 3: Paint

Before I could paint, I had to do some prep work, like filling in nail holes and smoothing out some of the damaged spots. Then, I primed using shellac-based BIN primer. This is the ideal primer when you’re painting over laminate furniture. It just sticks the best!

Then it was time to pick the color and this was a tough one. I randomly got an email or saw an ad (I don’t remember) for the color Sage Tint from Benjamin Moore and I instantly thought about using it for the fireplace. Which is kind of crazy because the original plan was always to go with a cream color. But now I was considering green?!

So, of course, I decided to try both! I sampled Sage Tint and Pale Oak and really loved both.

But, ultimately, Sage Tint won! It adds just enough statement while still being so soft and pretty.

What do you think? Would you try this with a piece you already have? I’m going to be doing another simple upcycle next, so you won’t want to miss it!

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